Aimee and Frank Sandbridge

Irresistible Adventures at Little Island Park

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This past weekend in Virginia Beach, the weather was gorgeous! It’s still a little chill in the air but with lots of sunshine. That’s actually my favorite kind of weather! We went out for a quick walk at the beach at Little Island Park in Sandbridge. After Memorial Day, the city of Virginia Beach does not allow dogs on the beaches between 9am-6pm. We try to get in as much beach time before the tourists take over the city and the laws crackdown on dog owners.

Out of the blue, my cell phone decided to just not ever turn on again! It was actually a blessing in disguise because I was using the Note 2 and it had been messing up for awhile. I upgraded to the Note 4 and I love it! I decided to leave my “real” camera at home and took all these pics with the Note 4! I’m pretty impressed with the quality . . . We’ve come a long way from the days of flip phones! Oh and I finally got a selfie stick and used it for the first time during this trip! I am in love! Why did it take me so long to get one? This will definitely come in handy while I’m at the BlogPaws Conference!

Not bad for our first selfie stick pic!


Having a selfie stick or monopod is also great for getting action shots of your pet from the ground!



I couldn’t believe the quality of this pic isn’t from my “real” camera!


Chuy is definitely a beach bum!



This was after Chuy spent some time digging in the sand! I couldn’t even see the pics I was taking because it was so bright. It was fun finding these funny pics once we got back to the car!



We had an irresistible day!

Aimee and Frank Sandbridge

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