Daniel Frost’s Illustrations

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London-based illustrator Daniel Frost creates whimsical and charming glimpses into his particular universe of strong colors and textures.
Despite the decline in sales of print media, it is fortunate the role of illustration hasn’t lost its potency or presence. Compositions that encapsulate the main ideas or sets the mood for the article that follows are key to bring the material to the next level. Frost’s illustrations have graced numerous celebrated magazines, newspapers and media outlets; from minimalist compositions to enticing colorful sceneries with numerous creatures navigating a surreal landscape.




Rich variety is easily one of the main characteristics of Frost’s body of work; gentle watercolor paint, digital 3D compositions, pencil crayons, collages, among others. The other interesting recurring element, the thread that ties it all up: elongated, often big-nosed, vivid looking characters bringing each small world to life. Certainly these friendly and charming characters are worth more than a swift glance on your next visit to the local newsstand.






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